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Self Organized System

Plan View Line Grid Exploration Urban Reef Thesis By Irene Shamma “The urban area we investigated, Hudson Yards, is located at the West Midtown part of Manhattan and acts an ancillary urban outlet that sustains the high density of Midtown Manhattan by providing infrastructural support to its surroundings. Occupied by a train depot, the site [...]

Dupont Lightstone

Dupont Lightstone Dupont Lightstone has invented a new screen technology which is based on concrete and fiber optics. It’s a ground-breaking new type of digital signage that puts an interactive image directly on surfaces like floors, sidewalks or other exposed surfaces like facades at street level. By embedding optical fibers into the concrete and controlling [...]


Spring Mesh Expample 1 SpringMesh was built using ofxBox2d physics addon for openFrameworks. It consists of a series of particles interconnected by springs, border particles are static allowing the mesh to maintaing its original form, while inner particles repel, attract to user input (multitouch) or fall under gravity. Its colour is a direct representation of the [...]

Generative Experimental Font

Generative Experimental font design by Mauro De Donatis. More info Experimental y Generativa: fuente diseñada por Mauro De Donatis. Más información Ejemplo 1 Ejemplo 2 Ejemplo 3 :

Lit Tree

Lit tree have developed our own structured light system called MapTools-SL which scans the location of every pixel in 3D, allowing a cloud of scattered projector pixels to be used as 3D Voxels. “A small potted tree has a perpetual conversation with people. Through the use of video projection, a tree is augmented in a [...]

BAS Gallery Bodhi

BAS Gallery Bodhi A new 3.5 foot by 2 foot CNC Marker composition entitle COWS was completed. Using a new technique of creating line work in Rhinoceros, the image was rendered with brown and blue marker on a heavy weight paper, stretched over a thick wood frame. The intention is that this piece would become [...]