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Interview by Estudiantes de Arquitectura Chile

We are glad to invite our lectors to review the interview made by estudiantes de arquitectura in Chile to Chidostudio. Part 1: Part 2: Estamos contentos de invitar a nuestros lectores que revisen la entrevista hecha por estudiantes de arquitectura en Chile a Chidostudio. Vol 1: Vol 2:… .

Complex and Responsive Morphology

The concept of this exercise is to achieve the rationalization of any shape (only surfaces, for the case of study) through a simpler shape. This allows a complex morphology to be interpreted in many ways. For this specific case a triangulation was chosen, every triangle contains a hole that responds in a direct and concise [...]

Digital Fabrication, ribs

This piece of urban furniture is a design created by Plataforma de Arquitectura. The project responds to a module which can be used as a unique set or as a repetitive element. For this project we were in charge of digital fabrication process which involves obtaining the pieces to build it. The “waffle” or “ribs” [...]

Design Topology Lab

SHIFTING FERROFLUID. 2010 Design Topology Lab is a research platform dedicated to the ontology of space defined by mathematics. Unlike typical parametric methodologies base on fixed linear hierarchical structures, DTL focuses its works on developing and manipulating flexible generative engines which allow computational worlds to be embedded inside one another. DTL also designs; emphasizing that [...]

Free Form Vault View 01 100 Days of Freeform Timbrel Vaulting from XYZoo on Vimeo. Freeform Catalan Thin-tile vault This research project presents important advances in timbrel vaulting, made possible through innovation in form finding, guidework systems and construction methods. A full-scale prototype has been realized with the application of new research in the following [...]

Rizophoras´s Resort View Open publication – Free publishing – More red mangrove RHIZOPHORA This project is the result of an extensive research of biomimetic patterns and parametric architecture based on the principles of biology expressed on the design. Rhizophora is a resort located in Puerto Juarez; an ecological resort in the gulf of México north [...]